Emily Aoibheann, Director and Head Teacher at Creation Aerial  Photo by Barbara Flynn

Emily Aoibheann, Director and Head Teacher at Creation Aerial
Photo by Barbara Flynn

About Aerial

  • Aerial acrobatics and dance is a unique blend of gymnastic style training and playful movement using apparatus such as trapeze, hoop, silks and rope.

  • Social, physical and fun, aerial training offers students a unique fitness experience, an opportunity to be creative and challenged in a safe and supportive environment.

  • In our teaching, we aim to provide a positive, supportive, engaging and exciting learning environment, promoting excellence in all activities.

  • Aerial can be physically tough, mentally and emotionally challenging; we balance hard physical work with softness and thoughtfulness in movement.

  • We are dedicated to cultivating a safe and positive learning environment. We are committed to safe working practices with regard to rigging, quality and maintenance of equipment.

  • Every class at Creation Aerial includes a thorough group warm-up and cool-down for improved flexibility, strength and injury prevention.

  • Aerial is a full-body workout, optimising range of motion, strength and mobility! Aerial training is physical, emotional and intellectual; we aim to offer a holistic and expansive training experience to all of our students.


About Creation Aerial

At Creation Aerial, we cultivate skilled, multidisciplinary approaches to aerial training and movement research, with an emphasis on building solid foundations through excellent technique and physical fluency. Most importantly though, Creation Aerial promotes new ways of seeing and doing. This approach is grounded in unconventional approaches to physicality and extends beyond that, towards a philosophy of living that values innovation, dialogue and discussion, exploration, hard work, focus and creativity. 

We combine our technical training approach with a creative and experimental philosophy which aims to expand the intellectual and artistic boundaries of contemporary circus and aerial in Ireland, contributing to a brave breed of Irish physical artists with new ideas and artistic ambition. 

Already in our short history, Creation Aerial has become a place where international practitioners excelling in their craft and expertise want to teach, make work and share information.  Since our inception, we have had visitors from Mexico, Australia, United States, UK and Europe offering public training opportunities in a range of skills and disciplines to Irish aerial students. 

We are a network of skilled, loving, artful and hardworking people, excited to welcome new comers into our wonderful world. Want to be involved? Email us and say hello! 

We are currently seeking patronage and support to facilitate us to secure a property for full-time residency. If you are interested in hearing more about our project, please contact us at: creationaerial@gmail.com


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