One or two people? Liing enjoying an upside-down stretch after class.

One or two people? Liing enjoying an upside-down stretch after class.


What should I wear?
Comfortable, neat fitting, training or dance style clothing that protects the skin on your legs, arms and midriff is best at the beginning. Avoid zippers and jewellery which can pinch the skin and damage the equipment. We usually work in bare feet for ease of movement and safety on the equipment, so don't be surprised if you are asked to remove your socks!

I am a complete beginner! Will I be able for it? 
Everyone is welcome, regardless of your current fitness level. Aerial is hard but rewarding work. Expect to be challenged, and expect a supportive, fun and positive environment where you will get what you need to develop and learn. We aim to balance the rigour of physical training with softness and consciousness of movement and creative thinking.

What age groups do you cater for?
While we mostly cater for adults, we think that a diverse age group is positive and important. Students from 12 years are welcome to attend our classes and we support parents who want to work with younger children together in a class. In the near future we hope to run youth classes and NIfty Fifties 50 + aerial classes. We would like to do more aerial work with teenagers and are particularly interested in collaborating with school groups and youth clubs. Contact us for more information on any of the above. 

Do you offer private workshops for an individual or group?
Yes we do! You can book a private class with any of our tutors (see our classes page for more info). We also cater for private group bookings and offer gift certificates for special occasions, privates or regular classes. Contact us for more!

Is it safe?
Yes it is safe! Aerial and circus are famous because of an association with spectacular risk taking performances such as flying trapeze. At Creation Aerial we practice rigorous safety and do everything required to reduce risk. We work with engineers and experienced riggers to assess and maintain our rigging and in our teaching we emphasis progressional learning with emphasis on technique and body-awareness so that students are always 100% ready and able to take on new challenges. Thorough warm-up and cool down time is allowed in each class for injury prevention and safety mats are used when working at a height.

Is there parking?

  • There is on street parking available outside the Research & Ideas Studio in Cabra.
  • Fringe Lab is centrally located in Temple Bar, so we recommend access via foot or bike. City centre parking is available at various locations near the venue.

What if I miss a class?
With our bundle deals, if you miss a class you can make it up by attending another class within the 5-week period. Example: Oh no, I missed my regular Wednesday class! Yay! I can take my Wednesday class + an extra class on another day as long as my bundle is active. This offer is for 1 make-up class only.
Valid with Bundle deals only, not valid with short courses or special classes. 24 hr cancellation policy in effect! Thanks for understanding.

I am late for class! Can I still join?
It is very important to be physically prepared to do aerial training. We allow 30mins for warm-up and 15 - 30mins for cool-down in each class. Punctuality is important for safety and general flow of the class, but if you are delayed getting to us, don't worry! We may ask you to do a separate warm-up, or wait to talk to a tutor before joining in so that we know you are safe and ready to go!

For info on times and prices, please see our classes page.