Primal Iceland Aerial Workshops

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Primal Iceland Aerial Workshops

from 45.00

JULY 1st - 3rd

Faxafen 12
108 Reykjavík


My methodologies are designed to influence the foundations of your creative, movement and/or aerial practice. It is a common experience for us aerialists and movers to invest resources and time in attending workshops where we learn choreography, tricks and sequences that are quickly forgotten, but perhaps it is less common for us to attend a workshop which changes how we think about and experience our movement and therefore has the power to radically influence the long term outcomes of how we move and what possibilities there are for discovery, exploration and expression.


LOW HOOP: Parkour meets Aerial Dance

  • Suitable for intermediate aerialists or beginner aerialists with significant movement experience in another discipline such as acrobatics, contemporary dance, parkour or handstand balance

  • Spinning will feature strongly at times, but not throughout


My low hoop love came from an interest in parkour and a desire to traverse space. When I first started dabbling in parkour, the power, speed and momentum executed by parkour athletes and the space they occupy with a kind of arrogance, made aerial seem so contained and restrictive in comparison. So I have taken some of these observations and in an attempt to find that sense of freedom of movement and power I love about parkour movement and combine it with what I adore about aerial, which is dancing and musicality. Merging parkour technique with aerial technique seems to create a beautiful Yin Yang like effect, a feminine and masculine coming together.

In my low hoop workshop, we will explore powerful spinning, irreverent shape making, how to ground and use the legs in that space between floor and air, falling over, falling down and melting, using the rigging point as an earth-ing point for dynamic movement. We will also explore that space under the hoop and through the hoop.


  • Suitable for intermediate aerial students, should be able to invert in the air

  • Ideally be comfortable with basic dynamic principles


This research based workshop offers a reorientation of vertical movement, presenting new perspectives on the space between the floor, air and maintaining 'groundedness' when air bound. Using aspects of choreography on and off the floor for rope and silks, I will share personal approaches to creating aerial movement. Expect aspects of technique and choreography as well as space for personal investigation inspired by these ideas.

Inversion Techniques: Aerial technique for non-aerialists

  • Inversion technique for beginners through to advanced movers

  • Straddle, tuck, pike, meathook explored

  • Technique that will change your understanding and approach of hanging upside down for life!

Want a beautiful inversion? Struggling to invert? Then I have some tricks to share that will transform your experience of inverting in the air, forever. The body is segmental, as is aerial movement. Finding smooth and continuous movement in the air means we need to find smooth and continuous movement through the body. This workshop teaches enlightening methods and perspectives on the hardest but most fundamental aerial movement - the inversion - offering a comprehensive and refreshing approachtowards beautiful and impressive aerial inversions.

THIS WORKSHOP IS SUITABLE FOR NON-AERIALISTS and can be applied to ring and bar work, customised especially for PRIMAL members.



Director and Owner, Creation Aerial Dublin.

EMILY AOIBHEANN is an artist, aerialist and educator. Although her expertise lies in circus and aerial, her varied background leads to a highly creative, collaborative and original integration of multiple art forms.

A pioneer of aerial dance in Ireland, in 2010 Emily co-founded PaperDolls Performance Company who went on to win the Spirit of Fringe award with Constellationsat Dublin Fringe Festival in 2012, the first for an Irish circus company in the history of the festival. In 2014 into 2015, Emily produced a series of work Object Piggy, with aspects of film and illustration, culminating in a performance production at Dublin Fringe Festival. Object Piggy won the Judge's Choice Award that year and marked the beginning of Emily's work as an independent artist.

In 2016, she received an Arts Council Circus Project Award to develop new methodologies for aerial movement and performance. In extension, she presented work in progress at Dublin Theatre Festival in October 2017, drawing on an ongoing collaboration with visual artist Liing Heaney. In 2018, Emily received Arts Grant Funding for a two year programme of work including a twin production project on the themes of Civilization and Nature, due for debut in 2019. Public announcements of the work are forthcoming. 

Emily co-founded Cat's Paw Experimental Aerial Dance Meeting with Slovakian Aerial Priestess Ariadna Vendelova in 2018. The first international meeting took place inKošice, Slovakia with support from Tabačka Kulturfabrik in January 2019. Emily is owner and director of Creation Aerial Studio and Aerial Dance School in Cabra West, offering professional training and creative facilities to aerial artists and recreational classes in aerial dance.