Re-Patterning Masterclass with Frederik Beck

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Re-Patterning Masterclass with Frederik Beck


Saturday, June 30th

1 - 5pm
4 hours

This masterclass gives practical and accessible immersion in Re-patterning Stretching.

Our physical structure has adapted to the way that we use it. It is patterned. By deliberately working with the body in a friendly manner we have a chance to transform these patterns, putting better patterns in place. This re-patterning allows us to release and reawaken our physical structure.

Re-patterning Stretching as a practice involves partner-assisted stretches, the goal being increased sensation and awareness alongside gaining flexibility. Partner stretches are practiced with specific cues and intention that allow us to increase range of motion.

Exploring 'Unfoetalling' as a principle, within the masterclass we will work on counteracting the stresses of gravity and being desk-bound, which is particularly important in this day and age when so many of us sit for long periods every day.

There is further room to adapt the class to the demands of the attendees, if a particular subject warrants exploration.

This class is open to all, regardless of training history and experience


Frederik Beck is a tinkerer at heart. He has spent more than a decade exploring and experimenting in the realm of Physical Culture: gymnastics, stretching and lifting weights. He hails from Denmark where he received his Masters Degree in Medicine, which has given him an extensive background knowledge in anatomy and physiology to draw on. More recently he studied the art of Physical Alchemy under Dave Wardman in Australia. This apprenticeship-style learning allowed for an integration of previous theoretical and practical education. He currently resides in Dublin, Ireland.