Flying Pens Aerial Life Drawing
4:00 PM16:00

Flying Pens Aerial Life Drawing

Flying Pens Aerial Life Drawing
@ Creation Aerial
Wednesday 4th July
4 - 6pm

An invitation to all those who wield a pen, pencil, or other tool to paint or draw. Join us for an afternoon of Aerial sketching on Wednesday July 4th. Capture us in training, stretching, climbing and flying. A unique opportunity to study athletic anatomy in action and in 3-dimensional space. 

Drop in on the day or drop us a line
Illustration by Cesca Saunders created in collaboration with Creation Aerial in 2015.

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FRINGE FUSE Experimental Circus Night! Curated by Emily Aoibheann
to Aug 26

FRINGE FUSE Experimental Circus Night! Curated by Emily Aoibheann

On Friday 25 August we’re planning a special circus edition of our regular curated scratch night, FRINGE FUSE guest curated by the brilliant performer, maker and Fringe hero, Emily Aoibheann. FRINGE FUSE provides a platform to introduce new artists to FRINGE LAB and to provide peer-led feedback on works-in-progress. To make space for the big ideas on show, the O’Reilly Theatre will be our partner for this exciting night of work-in-progress. Pop along, have a drink and offer some welcome feedback - it's €5 in and kick off is 7pm sharp!

Below you will find Emily’s curatorial provocation to be responded to or taken as a guideline. We are looking for experienced circus folk and aerialists with experimental ideas to take part. 

As well as performance based proposals including aerial, dance, acrobatics, clown, puppetry, juggling and so on, we also welcome unconventional ideas. Want to talk to us about crazy notions you’ve been privately mulling over? Or have you been philosophising on your physical discipline? What are you reading? Are you making films? Are you playing with live feed or virtual reality? Think broadly about what unusual or unseen elements of your practice you could bring to the table this night. 

In the spirit of understanding Irish contemporary circus as an emerging multidisciplinary art form, we are open to proposals that go beyond that category but have tendrils of connection to it. 

Selected participants will have approximately 5 – 15 minutes to show their work. 
If you plan on doing something plugged in, projected or rigged, we have you sorted. 
FRINGE FUSE is a place for feedback and discussion. We can help you suss out which mode of engaging with feedback might suit you. 

FRIDAY 11th AUGUST @ 5pm

Submit to

Please include: 

1) An outline of your idea
2) Proposed duration
3) Technical requirements (aerial rigging/ projection/ music etc)
4) Web links (website/ examples of previous work) and a short introductory bio.


As artists, there is the work we manifest in the world, and there is the work that goes on, unseen, under our skin. The work that exists under our skin often has no home in the real world, it has no platform, it’s complicated because it exists in the underworld. 
As entrepreneurs, an activity closely linked to creativity, especially in circus, our resourcefulness and strong instinct of self-preservation is finely tuned. We like to make the rules for our lives. This leaves little room for fear, vulnerability and the unknown, although we dabble in this as part and parcel of our commitment to leading unusual lives, surrounding ourselves in surreal environments, with strange people, doing strange things. 

Circus is a broad term. It encompasses entire cultural histories and anthropologies. Despite our diversity, it is circus – whether embraced, rejected or reinvented – that has helped us form our associations and networks. In this exciting moment we have come almost from nothing, but suddenly emerging into a new, highly innovative and largely underground cultural, entrepreneurial and creative moment. We all feel the vibrancy of this emerging thing and some of us enthusiastically agree that this raw creative energy remains largely unseen, explored only in private. 

We want to find our audience, but I want to see what’s going on in your head. You, circus artist, who negotiates between personal preoccupations and what you presume an audience wants to see. In this unformed, buzzing landscape that can be described as an emergent Irish contemporary circus style, how do we connect together in productive and exciting ways, in attempt to share and articulate the energy of the unknown? 

Is it always about the punchline? Is it about the trick? 
Is it the physical containment of demonstrative acrobatics or the crafty dishevelment of comedy? 
Or is there more to what we do under our own skins? 
Can we bring that mysterious element to the fore, and how?

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Emily Aoibheann: Dance House Residency
to Aug 4

Emily Aoibheann: Dance House Residency

Emily Aoibheann, aerialist, artist and director of Creation Aerial has an upcoming residency at Dance House in Dublin. 

She will be joined by aerialists Nicole A'Court-Stuart (UK) and Danny Tavori (Israel), regular collaborator and muse Annique Van Nikierk and dancer Oona Doherty. 

The residency is part of an ongoing research project developing new methodologies and approaches to aerial movement and performance.

The project began with the idea of circus as industrial residue, observing how aerialists rely on industrial technology for this special type of dance, and considering the use of industrial technology in circus more broadly. This has included conversations with fabricators working with steel, iron and other materials such as rope and in an Anthropomorphic Structures collaboration with architect Dominic Stevens, the staff and students of the Dublin Institute of Technology. 

Emily's research brought her through the equipment back into the body, primarily utilising exercises developed in collaboration with dancer Oona Doherty and Aoife McAtamney as well as employing approaches from body worker Liz Koch and choreographer Nacera Belaza among others. Understanding the object (apparatus) as being a conduit to universal force, i.e. having a minimalist language, Emily observes similar and diverse movement within the body and finally and most potently has followed the concept up, through the roof, into outer space, proposing aerial dance as a cosmological practice. This aspect of the research has been explored in consultation with astrologer Madeleine Botet De Lacaze, tarot reader and 'witch on Instagram' Mai Vi and physicist Shane Bergin. 

The residency will be the first phase of applying these ideas in real time to construct a performance. Following on from this, Emily will present a work in progress production Smiling Devil at Dublin Theatre Festival in October. All findings and outcomes of the research are being documented for future publication. 

For more details or enquiries, contact Emily here:

More info:
Dance House
Dublin Theatre Festival

Date: Mon 31 Jul 2017 - Fri 4 Aug 2017
Venue: DanceHouse  

This project is made possible through funding by the Arts Council Circus Project Award.

Image by Juan Luis Gonzalez 

About Emily

Emily Aoibheann is an aerialist and artist from Dublin, Ireland. She began her aerial career in 2010 as co-founder and director of PaperDolls Performance Company. Drawing inspiration from a background in music and underground performance, resourcefulness, collaboration, conceptual and interdisciplinary elements resonate strongly in her work. She currently produces experimental aerial and non-aerial performance and film under the moniker Dying Breeds, and as educator/director of Creation Aerial school.

In 2012, Emily co-designed and directed the award-winning Constellations with PaperDolls. In 2014/ 2015 she received funding from the Arts Council to develop and present Object Piggy, which premiered at Tiger Dublin Fringe, September 2015. Object Piggy won the Judges Choice Award and received nominations for Best Production and Best Design the same year. In 2015, Emily presented work with Papaveraceae, at the Prague Quadrennial of Scenography, Performance Design and Space and subsequently at IMPACT Festival in Macedonia. 

 This project is made possible through funding by the Arts Council Circus Project Award.

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Intensive workshops/ Creative Masterclasses with Emily & Abby
to Feb 26

Intensive workshops/ Creative Masterclasses with Emily & Abby

A unique creative and training opportunity

Abagail Evans and Emily Aoibheann are teaming up to offer 4 days of intensive aerial training including technique and repertoire classes in Aerial Hoop & Silk and extended master classes in Aerial Choreography for multiple aerial apparatus.

A unique opportunity to engage with the creative processes of two accomplished aerialists and artists. More details on content coming soon.

These workshops are suitable for improver through to skilled aerialists and aerial students. We are offering taster workshops suitable for beginners on the weekend. 


  • Thursday 23rd Feb: 
    Aerial Hoop Technique and Repertoire
    Aerial Silks Technique and Repertoire
  • Friday 24th Feb: 
    Aerial Hoop Technique and Repertoire
    Aerial Silks Technique and Repertoire
  • Saturday 25th Feb:
    Choreography Masterclass (mixed apparatus)
    Beginner Taster Workshop
  • Sunday 26th Feb:
    Choreography Masterclass (mixed apparatus)
    Beginner Taster Workshop

We are accepting provisional bookings via email:

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FLOOREIO with Vincent Vis
10:00 AM10:00

FLOOREIO with Vincent Vis

  • Creation Aerial, Research & Ideas Studio (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

This one-day long workshop is dedicated to Floorwork. 

I will present the concepts and tools I have been using and developing in my practice and teaching in order to promote the ability to flow smoothly and efficiently on the floor.

The day will alternate between moments of practice, exploration and theory.

  • The "science" behind the fluidity and the gliding patterns of contemporary dance and the explosivity of low acrobatics.
  • Deconstructing movement via the GATES model and structuring the path towards improvisation.
  • How the adult-brain works in the learning of new movements, and how to make the most of it, especially for people with little or no background in artistic movement practices.
  • Fundamental biomechanics for acrobatics and how to program the physical and mental preparation accordingly.
  • Organic vs linear acrobatics, and how to keep the momentum alive in a flow.
  • Failing while flowing and how to deal with it
  • Aesthetics-oriented vs feeling-oriented training

What to bring:
Please bring a pen to take notes if you feel like it. Prepare food and water for the breaks/lunch. There will be a 90 min lunch-break around 1pm.

We will start at 10 and end around 5.30pm.

Early Bird tickets (sold until the October, 31st): 140 EUR
Standard tickets: 165 EUR

Regulars can contact me directly to claim a discount. 

To book your spot and find more information, please refer to the following page:

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Start With A Circle at Tiger Dublin Fringe, September 2016
to Sep 17

Start With A Circle at Tiger Dublin Fringe, September 2016

Contains strobe lighting.
Performances nightly at 6.30 and Saturday matinee on 17th Sept at 2.30pm
Tickets €15/€13 concession

Duration 45 mins.
Book tickets:

Start with a circle. Continue outwards. Keep going. Stop, start over. Start with a circle. This time work inwards. Good, start again. Making progress? Getting lost? Yes. Start again. In a darkened space, a performer approaches a rope hanging from above. At the end of the rope hangs the only source of light, a glowing sphere.

Created by Jack Phelan and Erin Hermosa (NeedMoreInput) with musical direction by Dunk Murphy (Sunken Foal), Start with a Circle throws an aerial performer, an ingénieur and a composer into the void and presses the button. Rope swings, light flickers, body turns, sound builds. An obsessive study of potential through neon-noir nothingness.  Sure you wanna do this?

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